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Serving students regardless of socio-economic status






Support a program that takes students to places they hardly ever get to see – cutting edge science laboratories!

Every donation matters

Your generosity allows Shadow A Scientist to serve students across North Carolina regardless of socio-economic status.

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Thank you for supporting science education and outreach!

Students are saying …

My favorite part of the visit was “that I could and was able to see exactly what a field for me in the future would look like!”

My favorite part of the visit was “learning about equipment, different problems the scientists were working on, learning about cutting-edge science and cool discoveries!”

Teachers are saying …

“We were blown away with the diversity of the presenters and the breadth of information!”

“Thank you so much for organizing this! My students had a great time. They were so impressed by the speakers’ knowledge and by how many of you dedicated time to facilitating this field trip.”

“I would love to do it again next year!”