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We are very excited to hear you are pursuing science on your own! If you are interested in our program, please refer your high school science teacher to our website. From there, we will work directly with your teacher to plan a customized visit for your entire classroom.

Below is an example email template you can send to your teacher about our program to start the conversation. Customize and edit as necessary!

Email subject line:

UNC Science Outreach Opportunity

Email body template: 

Hello [Insert Last Name of your High School Science Teacher],

I recently discovered a great science outreach opportunity located at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill named Shadow A Scientist.

The mission of Shadow A Scientist is to highlight the opportunity for students of all backgrounds to become a researcher and break down barriers and myths that currently prevent young students from populations historically underrepresented in the sciences from pursuing science. Overall, I think this program would benefit our entire [insert the name of the high school science course] class.

In general, this program works directly with the teacher to set up a customized day-long classroom visit. Customization options include choosing from different sessions such as: hearing scientists discuss their career path, present a research talk, or host a laboratory tour.

Please consider checking out their website to learn more! You can also contact the program directly via email to see if there’s still an opportunity to set up an upcoming visit!


Thank you,
[Insert your name]