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Connect your classroom with a scientist


Our teacher application is open now!

We hope you consider applying to Shadow A Scientist because we are excited to host your classroom!

Please fill out our teacher application below:

SAS Teacher Application

Teachers are saying …

“We were blown away with the diversity of the presenters and the breadth of information!”

“Thank you so much for organizing this! My students had a great time. They were so impressed by the speakers’ knowledge and by how many of you dedicated time to facilitating this field trip.”

“I would love to do it again next year!”


Frequently Asked Questions


Visits are tailored to each class.  Both half and full-day trips can be accommodated based on the needs of the class.

Students will arrive at campus and be split into small groups based on their scientific interests. Students will be escorted to one or more research labs where they will interact with scientists. Following their visit, all students will gather for a group discussion and Q&A panel with scientists at various stages in their career.

A survey will be sent to each classroom where students will be able to indicate their specific scientific interests. We will do our best to create an experience that accommodates their interests.

Nothing special, no! But everyone can dress like a scientist by wearing long pants/a long skirt and close-toed shoes (like sneakers/boots/vans/converse). We’ll provide the gloves and lab coat!

This is a great question! We are very conscious of the safety of visiting students and we have multiple measures in place to account for their safety.

Volunteers are required to undergo a criminal background and sex offender registry check. In addition, all volunteers have mandatory online training modules that they complete. For upcoming trips, we will also hold in-person training sessions for scientists, although these will be more focused on organizing the students’ time in their labs.

Furthermore, we have an emergency response plan in the case of any campus-wide emergency. We have approval for our program through EHS and we register each trip that involves minors with the Protection of Minors Office at UNC.

Lastly, we have waivers and photo release forms that must be completed by the volunteers or, if they are minors, their parents.